In 1994 I started a TIAA-CREF Traditional 403b account that a company I worked for also contributed to. I contributed to it until 1995, at which time I became a Graduate student, and had to drop back to part-time work. I have not worked for the company since 1998. As of 2006, I became disabled as a result of extensive back surgery. I started receiving Medicare as of 11/2009. I currently receive less than $850 a month in S.S.D.I. and in today's economy, that's not much! I could also qualify for S.S.I. housing assistance, and certain government programs out there except for one thing... the 403b with TIAA-CREF is just now worth under $10,000. I must not have more than $2,000 in assets in order to qualify for assistance to many programs I am other wise eligible for. I have talked to several TIAA-CREF customer assistance people, and according to them, the only way I can get any money out of the account is by dispersal in two ways. One is receiving $1,000 a year, or something like $46 a month. That would take YEARS to get my assests down to under $2000. I have been refused assistance based on that account alone. I could also use the help to pay back rent, medical bills, and fix my car. I went for a consult with a lawyer, and he suggested that I sell the policy. My question is, Can I sell my traditional 403b policy, and if so,where, or who would buy it?

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated!