I am 57. Given 6 to 18 months to live. Wanted to fulfill some "bucket list" items. Found out I can't get my 401K money. I can borrow 50% but then I have to do a payment plan to put it back. I am still with my employer on short term disability which will lead to long term disability. It seems as though terminal cancer would be a good reason for allowing a cash out of a 401K. I am not going to live to use it to retire. But that is not in the "rules". My employer stopped contributing 2 years ago and I just stopped contributing. I had no problem cashing out another 401K I had with a former employer. This seems to hinge on the fact that I am still "with" my present employer.
I wonder if I can roll it over to an IRA and then cash out the IRA?
Any help appreciated.