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    Oct 20, 2016, 05:50 AM
    Should I write this business experience on my resume ?
    Hi everybody ,

    I am an electrical engineer and going to apply for a new job.
    I am editing my cv but I had an experience in business but this business had failed.

    I and my cousin had an idea to make a website for real estate marketing with advanced features.
    These features were completely new and our goal was solving the problems in the real estate market in our country. Our aim was to find a way marketing effective, easy, safe and fast.
    Also, this website includes a complicated system for managing and monitoring the whole project and the employees' work by the same website.
    The project started as ideas then we found a group of investors from our family to finance the project.
    In additional to inventing many of main Ideas for this project, also I have been managing the technical part of the project. I had been finding ways to implement the ideas and the services, Which we decided to provide by our website, to be applicable on our website.
    Then I have made layouts for each page on the website and each feature in the system and how can we apply it then I explained and followed up with the company which programmed the website.
    My work has reduced around 300% of the cost of the website. Because I gave them ready layouts and explanations which avoid the company needing to find ways to apply those ideas to a program.

    Finally, We succeed to establish this website after about 7 months of the continuously of working but unfortunately, the project failed because of the lack of sufficient liquidity for marketing.
    And I withdrew from the project because disagreements about how to overcome this hurdle.

    This is the whole story but the problem now after many years I had graduated from the university and I am looking to find a job but I don't know if I supposed to write about this in my CV? And Which are the points I have to mention or not in my CV ? And it must be mentioned as a project or as a career experience ?

    Thanks for your help :)
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    Oct 20, 2016, 06:14 AM
    If you have been working As an engineer for many years... I'd leave that out as its unrelated, but if you have little to no other work experience there shouldn't be a problem. I'd list that as a project/ hobby... not a career as you probably filed no income tax returns based on income from it or losses, or have any 1099 type income from it either as an independent contractor.

    I've got similar experience on a different type of website, but I put it under other experience as the overwhelming majority of my experience was not website design or management...even though that is what I did with that. In my case I have over 35 years experience and have developed a broad experience base, that helps show some versatility.
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    Oct 20, 2016, 06:33 AM
    As an avid viewer of real estate sites in the US, mostly zillow, I was intrigued by your phrase 'a website for real estate marketing with advanced features.' But then I lost interest with the rather vague overview of the project. Even if you shorten it considerably, you need to keep in mind that people reading it are reading perhaps hundreds of other resumes. There's an old saying about the first 3 sentences are all that register in the reader's mind, that I believe is true.

    I agree with smoothy - list it as a skill under projects/interests. Keep it simple (and limited to 3 sentences, maybe just 2). You designed the concept and interfaces, but didn't do the actual site programming, so it's interesting for design skills, not programming.

    If you graduated years ago with no work all this time, please answer back, and perhaps people can help with that. It isn't clear. How many years?

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