I was a successful business-woman in Edinburgh, Scotland but in 2012 my fiancé tried to kill me (the details are literally like a horror movie... being driven out to nowhere in the dark, rapid river sound when he tried to crush my head on the center console with his knees and whole body weight.). I lost my job as a Recruitment Consultant because I looked half dead and couldn't see my Candidates. I became homeless, vulnerable and sought government benefits to get by. During that time, another homeless person in the same hostel I had to live in beat me, whilst I was on the ground, breaking my left arm on which I've had multiple surgeries involving varying sizes of metal plates and screws and hip-grafts to insert at the break. The last assault was two years ago and, although I'm awaiting another surgery, it's time to move on.

So, here's the question: How on God's green Earth do I write a cover letter explaining I'm only capable of limited work, only part-time and am awaiting another surgery after such horrid abuse after 4 years out of work?

I used to help write peoples' CVs and cover letters but not like this. I can't find anything relevant on the internet about this - maybe it's too uncomfortable or maybe too unusual but please, if anyone has any good advice, I'd be so happy to hear from you.

Many, many thanks.