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    Sep 6, 2017, 08:55 AM
    How a moving point load influences, force of another point?
    Influence line theory can be used to analyse effect of loading to another point in beams and columns. But can it be used for whole fix support pavement to analyse the influence of point load to another point in pavement. If it can not be used are there any theories or methods to identify the effect?

    Also if we give a moving load(constant velocity) how does the force(by considering effect of moving load) on a point varies with time (or velocity)on pavement? (if there is a function with time that would be grateful )
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    Sep 8, 2017, 05:38 AM
    By "support pavement" are you asking about the behavior of a road surface to moving traffic on it? If so, then yes - you can treat the road surface as a plate and using theory of plates and shells calculate stresses based on the position(s) of the load(s). Regarding a moving point load, there are two effects that must be considered. First is the reactions to the point load itself, i.e. essentially assuming that the only force acting on the body is the point load itself. If you can come up with a formula for stress and strain based on a load at point x, and if you have a formula for x(t), then you have stress and strain as a function of time. But the second effect to consider is the dynamic nature of the reaction to the moving load. If the acceleration of the mass of the body is significant enough such that F=ma is non-trivial, then you have to consider the dynamics of the problem. This becomes much more complicated.

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