I was wondering if anybody else here has any experience of keeping a Yemen Chameleon, as I have recently taken over the care of an approx 9 month male who hasn't been given the best start in life as he was being cared for by a soldier who didn't have the time to devote to him due to being away on long exercises.

I have been searching through the internet for advice but there are so many sites and so much different and conflicting information!

When I got him he was malnourished and calcium deficient, I took him to a local reptile shop, and the owner recommended to feed him on waxworms to build him up, he averages approximately 4-5 worms a day sometimes he even manages 7. Hes also taking small locusts.

He has a large vivarium with a waterfall, rock wall, silk foliage, a weeping fig plant and wandering jew plant, a heat mat, a UVA/UVB bulb and a heat bulb plus branches and a rope to climb on and he is regularly misted to maintain humidity. I am using Calci-Sand as a substrate as it was recommended to me by a lady who we got our second chameleon from.

He also has a very friendly persona, he likes to be handled and will take food from your hand.

He is breaking the bones in his arms regularly as where he was neglected he is very clumsy and brittle, so today we had a trip to the Vets who wrapped his arm in micropore tape to give it some support. While we were there, she said that they should only be fed live insects 5 times a week. I am getting so much conflicting advice. Could anyone clarify the following for me please, as I also have an approx 6 week old baby male too:

1) How much should they be fed and how often? For both the older one and the baby

2) What is the best substrate to use in the vivs?

3) How often should they be handled?

4) What signs should I look out for when he's ready to shed his skin?

5) What is the best thing to "gut-load" feeder insects on?

6) What vegetation is he likely to eat?

7) What is the best thing to clean the Viv with?

8) What calcium and vitamin supplement should I use? (At the moment I am using Ebi-Vet which has Vit A, D3, E, copper sulphate and calcium in)

If you think I have missed anything please tell me, I am so desperate to make sure that both of these chameleons have the best lives I can provide for them especially as the older one has had a bad start

Your help is much appreciated, I thank you in advance