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    Feb 26, 2010, 03:04 PM
    What Watt Heater Should I Get For My Turtle Tank? :D
    I was just looking up on eBay for a heater for my turtles tank, so what watt heater do you believe I should get.. and is there a recommended brand? Thanks to all that help!
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    Feb 26, 2010, 03:07 PM

    You go by how large/small the tank is that your turtle is in now. Smaller tank needs less wattage. Also you want to be sure not to "cook" your turtle in his tank! Best idea would be to visit your local pet store and see what they have. Then quiz the pet store about this. Then compare prices on Ebay and buy from whoever is cheaper. Look also to see what the pet store is using in their turtle tanks as well to get a better idea. Reptiles need to be kept at a certain temp or they tend to hibernate or outright die.
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    Jul 5, 2010, 03:51 PM
    It depends on what type of turtle you're getting! :)

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