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    Jul 9, 2008, 06:00 AM
    How to get rid of lizards
    Well I dread lizards. And where I live there are a lot of them sticking on the wall. They just come at night and if there is any hole they just creep in. How do I make them stay away?
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    Jul 9, 2008, 06:21 AM
    How can you dread lizards? They're beautiful! They also reduce insect numbers.

    But if you really want them gone... you could try reducing the local insect population. If they have less to eat they'll be less likely to hang around.

    Preventing Lizards from Getting in House - This person has a similar problem and got some interesting feedback.

    Or alternatively:
    " * A product called Laxman Rekha. This is a chalk based product that you draw line “barriers” with… and this acts as a lizard repellent. Laxman Rekha needs to be used regularly.
    * A liquid mixture of water, essence of garlic, essence of cayenne pepper, and a squeeze or two of dish washing detergent. Some people put this mixture into a spray bottle and use it around doors and entrances as a repellent for lizards.
    * A liquid mixture of Tabasco sauce and water mixed in a spray bottle is a suggestion for a lizard repellent.
    * As lizards eat bugs, one suggestion is to use a product called cypermethrin to kill the bugs they are searching for.
    * Glue Traps, which are not so much lizard repellents but can be used to catch lizards in the house." From Lizard Repellent? What Can That Do? | Mr Repellent

    But PLEASE disregard the last suggestion. Glue traps are unbelievably cruel.

    Good luck,
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    Jul 10, 2008, 02:37 AM
    Well Kalfour Thx for the tip. I have only tried egg shells before which I believe the lizards started getting used to. I will try everything except the glue trap. Not that I love this creatures but how will I sit with them stuck on the wall. I can't sleep even if they were in the other room. So thanks and I'll let you know the results.
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    Jul 16, 2008, 02:17 PM
    We have a LOT of lizards at our summer house in calabria. I'm so happy to see gecko all over the place, my by otherwise courageous hubby will lose his marbles and scream like a little girl if he sees one. One time he wouldn't go into our large bathroom for days because he knew one had been chilling out on a regular basis behind the mirror. We also have an enormous amount of wall lizards in the garden, but I think those are a whole lot scarier looking, like little dinosaurs, but he doesn't mind those nearly as much. I'm going to have to keep my hubby off this post to keep him from getting any ideas... I would much rather have them to eat the bugs than not.

    Also, nohelp - did you say that you're against the sticky traps but you have used them as earrings? How do you make them look like earrings?

    Moorish Gecko

    Tarentola mauritanica, Moorish Gecko

    Italian Wall Lizard

    Podarcis siculus, Podarcis sicula, Italian Wall Lizard
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    Jul 17, 2008, 05:21 AM
    I just want to know if this lizards are harmful in anyway... I hear the urine is dangerous but I am not sure. I need to know soon...
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    Jul 17, 2008, 12:48 PM
    So do I! I would like to pick them up, but first I want to know if it's dangerous... (please see listed lizards!)

    Let's hope we get an expert here.
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    Jul 18, 2008, 03:59 AM
    The majority of lizards are harmless. Enormous monitor lizards have decent sized teeth and claws... but not anything this small.
    Some lizards (and lizard urine) are dangerous IF you ingest them. Picking them up shouldn't be a problem.
    But... maybe you have some strange alien lizards where you live.

    Good luck!

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