This is my first time ever owning a burm. Her name is Pandora she is still an albino burmese python and still a hatching right now. I have owned a Red tailed boa and loved her dearly. My question is this-- For my boa I used sand with a heating pad underneath for bedding and she seemed generally pleased with this. In the book I have for my Burm it suggests using a cypress or fir bedding. Is there any reason I could not use sand with Pandora as well? Also, I am about to build an enclosure to house her for (hopefully) a few years. The plan I have is 10 feet long by 5 feet wide by 5 feet tall. How long will it take her to out grow this? Please Please Please answer promptly, I have her on paper towels in a 10 gallon aquarium right now, and I know that's not going to last long.


Any tips, suggestions or comments feel free to call or email me, I'm always eager to speak with someone with more experience.