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    Feb 16, 2012, 07:13 PM
    Bearded dragon asking question free online exprets?
    My bearded dragon Mojo is 2 years old. I just recientally got him a new cage with two longs, two gadges, 3 water dishes, and 3 laps. He was fine when I got him and put him in the caige 3 weeks ago, but today when I was giving his water by spraying him he started running aroung, jumping off logs, hiding in corners, licking the caige, and moving the water dish eith his nose trying to get under it or something. I'm freaked out in case something might be wrong with him. Is this normal?

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I was just curious if anyone else on site has 1? I have a super red and his 1 yr old. I'll post pics when I get home, I h ope you do the same. Dragons are awsome :) :D ha ha

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