So. I wish to have this discussion. And I feel this is the best place/site to do it as we have many different faiths and views here.

Many of you already know. I struggle with my 'religion'. Do not take that to mean I struggle with my FAITH. I love God with all my heart. I treasure him and there is no one I love more. And the same goes for Jesus Christ, sent by God, our wonderful man who taught us so much of God.
However, I grew up Christian, spent a great deal of adulthood (or what adult hood I have had so far lol) in a catholic church. And recently over the last 2 years, have learned a great deal about Islam and in fact even have gone to see the local Imam several times, and love Islam very much. I still struggle with just where I belong, (what church/denomination/religion/ect)
But I never struggle with my faith and love for God and Christ.

Now, my discussion...
I do not, nor have I ever even as a child, believed that Christ was GOD. He was sent BY God, born of a virgin because GOD wanted it so. But Christ is NOT God. He is his SON.
(in fact it is this belief that led me to Islam in the first place)
But I am not Jehovah witness nor Mormon. They also believe that Jesus is not god, but both these religions believe things that I do not. (do you see how frustrating this is for me lol. Not ONE religion fits me perfectly. Maybe I should make a new one! )

I am not here to push this belief on anyone. I am here to get other views. I want to know what others think of my logic behind this. And see how others feel about it. And find out if anyone else feels the same way.

The reasons I believe this are... (in order of importance)

First, the most important, it goes against the commandments. The FIRST commandment. You shall not have any other Gods before me. GOD IS THE ONLY GOD. NO one else.

Second, If Jesus is God, why did God say he sent Jesus to us? Why did he not say 'I came to you in human form to guide you and teach you'
Not once did God say 'I came as human to you' And Jesus always said 'i was sent by my father'

Next, Jesus never said he was God. I know people claim this is not true, because of the first verse in John, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
So... I find it hard to believe that Jesus is now a word. Or The word. Or several words. Gods words, is just that. His words. He spoke them. And they came to be. We are ALL his word. He spoke the word and brought light. Spoke the word and brought Life. We are ALL his words. Not JUST Christ.

Next. Jesus did NOT have Godly Powers. Nor was he infallible. In fact, Jesus was far from perfect. Sinless does not equal perfect and Godly. Jesus didn't know that a fig tree didn't have any fruit because it was not the season for it. He didn't know who touched him in one of his healings. Most important, Jesus did not/does not know when the last day will be. GOD knows EVERYTHING. Jesus did not. (this is NOT a knock at him)

Jesus is not perfect in the fact that he must eat. He must sleep. He must use the bathroom. He must wash. Ect. God does not need to do these things.

Jesus was tempted by the devil. I don't believe the Devil would tempt GOD.

I think I have lost my train of thought here. Lol. So lets leave it at this. And if anything else comes to mind, ill just post about it :)

Remember, keep it friendly and respectful of ALL who choose to answer :)