Me and this girl were together for 6 months and got on fantastically even though it took me a lot longer to realise than her how important she was. I had lots of family issues in July and was very distant and took few steps back. I think she got fed up with how I was and ended it. She asked me never to contact her again after I left lots of messages. We did speak online some 2 months later and she admitted she really missed me still and she was in tears talking about it all and she had to stop herself calling me loads of times. Anyway she said she can't go back as it took so much to end it and she never wants to feel like that again.

I saw light and sent flowers but promptly got email saying I meant what I said I am not going back over old ground. I am probably making the wrong decision and I may well regret it later but right now I know I can't feel like that again. Please don't ever contact me again. I did 4 weeks later to wish merry xmas and happy new year and she replied with the same wishing me well.

Now my question is why would a girl want absolute no contact forever when she admits she misses the friendship ? I personally think she knows if she saw me she would backtrack and for her why is this such a bad thing going back ? If it helps she is divorcée with 2 kids and her ex husband was not nice and she took him back after he promised changes and he didn't change. She said she has been there before accepting peoples promises of change and she promised herself she would never do it again. Am I dealing with her past and I guess there is nothing I can do and does anyone think she may melt and contact me when she ready ?