I've been dating my boyfriend for 3 years. Pretty much he has always always had bad jealousy issues and trust issues even though I had never done anything wrong, and he was never in a relationship before me- so it's kind of weird that he already had trust issues.
I finally got fed up of not having any of my friends and hanging out with them so I started hanging out with friends without telling him. I hung out with a few different guys ( just friends) without telling him.
I realized I was way unhappy because my boyfriend was jealous, doesn't trust me, anger issues, and is not positive at all. We ended up splitting when he found out I was hanging with other friends.
I ended up thinking I liked this one guy because he was just so positive! But I realize I missed my ex sooo much.
He says we can be together but will he ever trust me? All he does is put me through guilt trips every single day. As if it's a revenge game, He Never believes where I am and constantly reminds me of what I have done. Even though he says he is "joking" I know he isn't. What should I do?
I can't go every day fighting with him over the same ****. And it's been a month.
I deleted all the guys I talk too and even deleted my Facebook. He said he would delete his Facebook, but hasn't . He also says I can't hangout with any girlfriends of mine or guy friends. I can't do anything. But he can go party with who ever he feels like.