Me and my boyfriend had been going out for nearly 8 months. We had a really strong, happy relationship, and nothing was going wrongly. Over the last month, we've had a couple of arguments, and when I look back at one of them, it was hardly an argument. But last week he ended it with me, suddenly.

He said to me we "weren't working out" as we supposedly argued all the time. But we only really had 1 argument, and 2 small silly disputes. That is all we had. He seems to think that arguments mean the relationship is not working, but you need arguments for it to work. He also said he never made me happy, which is also not true. I had a phase where I was really down, as I had a very bad issue in school with my "best friend", and she caused me so much grief at that point. He knew all about this, that time was the only point I'd been really down. Apart from that, he has always made me happy... he also said he'd hardly see me next year, as we are on our higher year at secondary. His mum is the one that told him that he would hardly see me, but he would see me as much as he did last year. He just doesn't think that. Beforehand, it never did seem like a problem.

Those were the main reasons for him ending it with me. I still don't get it why he ended it... he was serious about us, and really thought we'd last, as much as I did. He's not the type of person that just says he's serious and not mean it, or say he loved me and not mean it. All my friends were as shocked as I was when he ended it, as everyone knew how well we were as a couple. All my friends who also know my now ex-bf, are all positive that he will change his mind. I have this thought that he will, but I just don't know. He's said that "we can never be together again" :confused:

I know for sure he never dumped me for someone else. && I've also thought it may be due to problems he has; like in his house, as he only has a mother and a sister, who constantly fight with him, a bad past where his mum and dad separated then his dad died && now his grandmother has not long started chemo for her cancer which he's close to and worries about... So I've thought maybe it was due to all the problems he's been having or has been thinking about...

But with the reasons he broke up with me, do you think he will change his mind?

&& is there anything I could do to try and get him back?

I don't know if it's a good idea to be his friend, in case he grows to me as a friend, so there would be no chance of us happening again. Or if I should keep my distance, so he will only think me as I was as a girlfriend, and not as a friend. If that makes sense...

Or should I just keep away from him and let him think and realise for himself?