I did a lot for my children when they were growning up. I was always there for them, until one day I could not take their fathers abusive anger anymore... so I divorced him... my children had a hard time with this. Their father fought me, over the divorce to the point I could no longer afford to be with my children... their dad took everything from me... I moved to another state to start things over... I understand in my children's eyes, who were then teenagers, that I left them. I stayed in touch with them, called them, flew them out to be with me. They were angry that I left... I understand now, how that was so hurtful to them. After several years have pasted we actually got back together and remarried. I am not proud of how things went... but back in the day... I was lossing it... The man was always angry... I couldn't take it... now he is much calmer. But my one son just won't forgive me... the other 4 have. This one son is 25 is married, and now has a daughter. He will not let me have anything to do with his daughter. It hurts a lot. What can I do? I have asked for forgiveness over and over again. He holds a grudge and says he does not want me with his daughter... he does not want her to get hurt like he did. I just want our family to be close like it once was. Please tell me what you think.