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    Jan 16, 2011, 03:42 PM
    Why should I be threatened?
    Right here goes... Ive been having a lot of trouble with my fella lately as you can see on my older posts. Its just not stopping because its one thing after another me and the boyfriend have discussed sorting out our relationship but once again we have another problem on our hands, this interfearing cow who used to be my friend who my boyfriend cheated on me with before we split up came up to me the other week trying to tell me that my fella still wanted her but he's told me how much he hates the woman and she was getting right in my face and I didn't like it in fact I wanted to hit her so hard but instead I answered her back and walked away but she started making threats to me then when I said whatever she stopped. Then she started texting my boyfriend giving him loads of gip as well then made threats saying me and him better watch out so he told her to leave me alone but she text back saying she knew his weakness now meaning getting me hurt! So she text me the next day giving me loads of abuse and she said I've done it now and I have her cuzes and family after me. So I'm pritty scared of walking somewhere in case I bump into them, I think this is so unfair I just want her to leave us alone but how can I get her to leave me the hell alonw I would fight her but I really don't want to lose it would be so bad!
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    Jan 16, 2011, 03:51 PM

    If you and your boyfriend are actually trying to make a go of the relationship, might I suggest that both of you change your numbers, then she can't text or call you.

    Drama and fighting are never the answer. Ignore her totally and don't get into any arguments with her. She's enjoying keeping you all riled up, but when she sees that she can't get you going, it will eventually stop. She's just not worth your time and effort.
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    Jan 16, 2011, 04:18 PM
    I must admit I am kind of scared of what going to happen its embarrassing as well when she's gobbing at me in front of people in the street to be honest I think its rather pathetic and childish, I was thinking of going to the police about the threats but I don't want to be made fun of
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    Jan 16, 2011, 05:24 PM
    Ten years ago, perhaps ignoring her may have eventually worked. But, in this day and age of instant communications via text, email, Facebook, etc. it's a whole new ballgame if somebody is bent on harassing you.

    What I would be inclined to do, is make a copy of the texts, in print, and start recording dates, times, what you learn. Include the threatening remarks with as much detail as possible.

    Then I would take them to your local police department and apply for a restraining order.

    Continue to keep track of anything and everything that crosses your path that is instigated by her, or on behalf of her, and continue to inform the police. Failure to comply with the provisions outlined will also have consequences.

    You should not have to face your life in fear.

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