Hi there,
I'm feeling sooo depressed every time I get into a relation my partner leave me even if I'm not convinced of him 100% but I push myself in the relation because I'm searching for love... never was in a relation in 2 ways communication to love and being loved... I was in many experiences it was just like he likes me and when he get to know me more he leaves me... although I start any relation with my mind and when he feels that I'm not using my emotions back I start to care about him but maybe more than he expects that he hates the way and leaves me... the only one who told me that he loves me and came and propose to me I wasn't convinced about him he was not my style and standard but he was a good person and although I discovered that he lied on me in many lies he also left me... plz tell me what to do.. maybe I'm bad in relations but I'm feeling so depressed really