Ok, I just recently broke up with my boyfriend (2 weeks ago). I was the one that was dumped. I know he still likes me, and the same goes for me. We broke up because he was worrying about things that wasn't even happeneing. We get along really really well. He had a bad history with his previous ex, basically she made him lose many many things that were important to him. So basically he was worried that the same thing would happen with me. So basically he chose to sacrifice me over his friends and lifestyle.

When he was confronting me about his worries, he was already breaking up with me. I was totally caught by surprise, because it was so unexpected. I couldn't say anything in response. By the time I was ready to give him my opinion, he doesn't want to have any discussion. I just wanted to let everything out of my chest, so I gave him a letter with all my thoughts. I ended it by saying we can break all ties, stay friends, or stay in a relationship.

I haven't contacted him since then. I was suppose to see him last week in class, but he decided to skip. He sent me a text message saying "Can you grab the class handout for me, i'll be in class on monday, see you then"

I honestly feel like he's avoiding to see me, actually avoiding to have any contact with me for that matter. He never msn me, and I never msn him. We don't call each other, we don't email each other. He choose to skip class when we have class together.

Why is he avoiding me? Geez I should be avoiding him.