I have been with my boyfriend for over four years. I was with someone else when I met him, I cheated on my ex. I have also cheated on my boyfriend 2 years ago, so he has a reason to not trust me anymore. I have been good the last 2 years we have been back together, and we are now expecting our second child this year. He was married before for 9 years and spent the entire time cheating on his ex. There have been times I have suspected him cheating one me, but I haven't caught him doing anything yet, and he denies to ever have done anything with anyone since he's been with me. We have two totally separate lives. I work during the day and he works at night. He will come home just as I am about to get up for work. I get home and he's already at work. We live in hotel room, so it is cramped and gets very irritating for us to be in there together. Here's my dilemma. Lately I have been feeling like something is going on. Maybe because I am pregnant, but here are some things that have been happening that led me to thinking this. He works in a warehouse so he comes home real dirty. I can understand wanting to take a shower before going to bed. But he only started doing this a few months ago. He takes another shower before going to work. He is by himself when I leave, so I tend to think he has someone over while I am at work once he wakes up. When I try to call him on my lunch breaks he never answers. When I ask him about it, he says that he had his phone on silence. The times that he does manage to answer he sounds distracted or like he is hiding something. Every night he stays outside his work with a group of buddies and they drink... every night. Sometimes they will go to a bar. My guy told me a long time ago that if he is drunk in a bar, he becomes vulnerable, so he is tempted to do anything. That's another worry of mine. Something else that bugs me is this, and its happened twice already. I have woken up in the early morning, between 3 and 5 and peeked outside and have found his truck sitting out in the parking lot without him in it. The first time this happened, I sent him a tx message asking him why his truck was there and he wasn't. Two seconds later he came from around the corner. He said he was smoking a cigarette and wanted to walk around. Funny, because he didn't smell like he just smoked one. The second time this happened, it was raining. Thinking about the first time this happened, I went around the corner he came from to the front side of the hotel building and then I sent a text message asking where he was. No answer. So I tried calling him. No answer. I must have called and sent more tx messages about fifty times. Still no answer. So I stood where I could see him coming from any direction if he was going to come out of another room. After and hour and a half, he came out from behind the backside of the building. As he was walking towards me, he kept putting his head down. Now, it was raining a little bit, not hard, just a little harder than a drizzle. He asked me why I was standing outside so I told him I was waiting for him and asked him why he didn't answer any of my calls. He said his phone was on silent... again. He said they were at IHOP which was just up the road, about a minute drive. He had a friend drop him off like 50 feet from the building, so he says. My question is why drop your truck off at home to go a minute down the road then have someone else drop you off when they live farther away than you do? He could've easily have been in a room around the corner where he came out of. I just never believe him entirely. Before I came up here with him( I was in a different city, he got a job transfer) I heard from his best friend that he had met some redhead at the bar he goes to. My guy tells me that she just gave him a ride home. When I brought this up to my guy, he got mad at his friend for telling me anything. He said that he didn't do anything with her and that his friend was lying about her to get in my pants. I also found out that he spent the night at a girls house while I was in an academy. He stayed there twice and said nothing happened. He later told me that he lied to his best friend about sleeping with the redhead. That didn't make any sense to me... first he says his friend lied about it, then he said HE lied about it? And I've noticed that when he's confronted about stuff he laughs. What do you think? Is he cheating? Or am I being paranoid? :eek: