I met my boyfriend online April of 2009. I lived in California at the time and him in Michigan. He came out to California in November of last year hoping I would move in with him. I was in a bad environment and have health issues which make it unable to work and he wanted me to live with him and I agreed. We moved in together in November and he was so good to me and we seemed to be madly in love which was something I had given up on before him. We have only had sex 3 times and not since December of last year. I am so confused because after we had sex he could not stop trembling with pleasure but on the third time he had trouble keeping an erection and he explained that he has had that problem since before I came to live with him. He also said he got hard so much more now with me.

But he has not so much as touched me for 5 months now. When I talk to him he gets upset and tell me he does not know why we don't have sex that he loves me and wants to marry me. But as time has gone by he cuddles me less spends less time paying attention to me. He is always on his computer playing video games. I used to play then with him which is how we met but he ignores me most of the time.

I tried to explain how it hurts me and makes me feel so unattractive and unloved that there is no intimacy. He only kisses me with pecks on the mouth now. I love him so much but it hurts so much.

I have offered him blow jobs and massages and he turns them down and say thank you though and it makes me feel even worse.

I would appreciate your view on this matter