I just don't know where to start, il try and get the most important bits out. I went out with my ex boyfriend for a couple of months before he said that he couldn't give me the 100% that I deserved and that he still loved me etc etc. His friends warned me at the beginning of the relationship that he LIES LIES LIES but being blinded by love I thought he would change for me!! Big mistake I now no!!

This was 2 yrs ago, at the time he really hurt me and I did the NC for approx 9 months, he was texting me but I ignored him, then approx 15 months ago I started texting him back and to cut a long story short its been a barrel of lies on his part since then.

When we were together I lost a baby at 4 weeks and this is the " bond" he now uses me with, he says that he still loves me and has never forgotten me, here are some of the lies he has told

When we stated meeting each other he asked for me to get back with him and obviousley I was wary, he said that he hadn't had a relationship since me and was single, I then found out that he has a girlfriend who lives 200 miles away!!

I asked him if he had ever met other girls from Facebook with the intent of dating and he said no and then I found out the day before he had arranged to meet a girl that he had met 1 week earlier on Facebook!!

He told me that he loved me and that a friend (girl) of his was just a mate and that's all, then I find out he went and slept with her recently!!

Throughout all of the above he was texting and calling me saying that he loved me and wanted us to be together, every time I thought about going back il find something new out and it hurts sooo much. :(:(:(

It all cae to ahead approx 3 weeks ago when I text him and told him that I knew he was still seeing this girl, the one he slept with (he says they are just mates but I have proof that they are together) I told him that he is a liar and that he will never change, that they belong together and to never contact me ever again. He said some really nasty things to me and told me never to text him again. I think he was really pi$$ed off because I caught him out to be honest. We haven't spoke since.

I know that he will pop back up in my life in a few weeks like he always does, it just hurt me as he called me a freak and a wierdo?? I am neither of them, just a silly woman who put her trust in someone time and time again.

I asked him before our argument why he keeps getting in touch with me and he says its because he loves me and because of the "bond" we have with our passed baby. Its like he is using this as an excuse.

Im so lost right now, he just lies about everything, where he has been, who he has been with, I just can't trust him one little bit