Okay here's the deal. My ex and I had a relationship for 4 and a half years. We parted because she was very insecure with drinking issues. A former girlfriend of mine contacted her and made out I was cheating on her which I wasn't. But she believed it and basically our relationship broke down. We have a son who is now five.

Anyway we stayed friends for two years, still slept together and hung out. Then we had the main break. She took a BF she met on face Book who lives 200 miles away. They got serious and I found out she was planning on taking our son with her to live with this new guy. They got engaged. I took her to court, mainly as my son was settled and has other siblings he is close to and all his support network. Well anyway she got engaged and I was happy for her to go but for our son to remain here. She drinks constantly and is unstable at times.

Well since August last year she has mad sexual advances and many times we have ended up in bed together. She claims her BF, whilst a wonderful guy, is useless at most things including sex. Maybe another line she pun me. But what the hell is she doing? I have told her to sort herself out, but for some reason I feel sorry for her despite all the pain she has caused. Now she fears I will tell her BF about her cheating with me. I don't want to but Im thinking this guy would be in bits if he knew what she was up to. Apparently she told me his ex did it to him when she joined the army.
Anyway I have told her to sort herself out and leave me alone. She says she is confused and still loves me. Man I want to kick her butt though we have our son in the middle. I am taking care of him more and more due to her emotional state. She says she has had long enough to know if it was just being used to me why she can't physically connect with this guy and says he isn't "manly" enough. He is a good looking guy. So would appreciate from girls on here why she isn't with him fully and coming back to me for strength, chemistry (she says the click exists with me but not him much) and the sex!

Advice on what she wants from me? I leave her alone but she keeps calling and wanting me to go round when her fiancé is in his town.
Yeah she wants her cake and eat it. But why she throing all this at me and doing it?