Right, me and my boyfriend are both 16 we've been going out for almost 3 years now and we love each other like crazy. We had a really rough patch in October/November last year as I was upset and bereaving because my dad had died.

We are better now as we both really want this to work but I feel like he doesn't care as much anymore, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, we spend the right amount of time together, he sees his mates, I see mine, we have fun but the only difference is that I tend to be there for him more, I comfort him when he's upset, nurse him when he's ill or hurt (rugby). I'd do anything. Recently I was ill and I thought I'd caught the horrible bug that was going round. I spoke to him on the phone a few days after he'd came to see me and he thought I was faking it because I didn't look ill, he didn't once ask me how I was doing after I went home ill from school he just simply questioned what was wrong as if to say there's nothing wrong with you.

Another example is that just before christmas, at our school we can deliver candy canes to someone else and me and my boyfriend have always done it but this year he forgot and I'd bought his as soon as they advertised.
I text him saying "whats red, white and stripy, you can eat it, it costs 2.50 and you always buy me one" and simply replied "a candy cane why?"
I said " well have you bought me one?"
"no sorry i forgot, I'm not in school tomorrow either so if you buy yourself one I'll pay you back"
I didn't even bother texting him back. That is how much I mean to him sometimes.

You may thing I'm over reacting but as I came to right this down worse case scenarios seemed to have disappeared from my brain. I love my boyfriend to bits but if he carries on like this I'm either going to drive him away by constantly asking for his care or he's going to drive me away because of his lack of care.

Please, please help I do not want to loose him. I love him so so much xxx