First of all, we have a 2 year old daughter together and now I'm 2 months pregnant. We just found out a week ago and he didn't even react. And let me tell you that in jun of 2010 we broke up because I wanted freedom from him and I wanted a break from everything, he is really controlling and I just lost my job that same week. I'm not allowed to talk to guys, although before I met him all I had was guy friends because I don't get along with a lot of girls because all they are are drama. Anyway, I could barely talk to my family because he's calls them a pos and I shouldn't talk to them, and I didn't. But ever since we got back together 8 months ago, (we were only broken up for about a month) he hasn't been himself. Now, thres no way he's cheating on me, (having sex with anyone) I'm with him 24/7 besides when I go to the store/ but who knows who he texts or calls. Anyway. Recently I've been considering of aborting this child because I am unemployed and I can't afford another one. He doesn't even care about me anymore, he hates me, and he's told me this numerous of times. He always throws it in my face that he's going to go talk to his ex that broke up because she cheated on him, I just don't get guys these days. If I didn't have my daughter with him I wouldve left him years ago. He's pushed me to the ground in arguments, thrown a knifw at me even broke the apartment window in the process. Yells at me, treats me like crap everyday. Starts arguments over the smaleest things and say the things that hurt me the most. I used to have a rockin body before I had my daughert and now I weigh 170! I never weighed this much in my life. I was 135 with abs and I know its my fault for not working to get my body back and self confidence up but there's no modivation there. He tells I'm not going to lose weight and I'm a pos, nobody wants me. Not even my family and he tells me I'm a s***** mother... everything takes its toll and stilli don't leave. The one thing I can't do is leave because I don't have anywhere to go. I'm thinking of trying my hardest (ive been trying to get a job) to get a job and try ot be independent again, I just don't know.