My boyfriend doesn't let me go anywhere without him. Like today, our friend Jess(who is staying with us) wanted to go down to her brothers and get some chocolate chip pancakes, and my boyfriend called me from work when he was on break and I told him.

He started asking me if that was where I was really going and said I couldn't go. Then, he was making me so mad that I hung up on him. & he was like flipping out on me and said he wasn't going to come home.

Finally when he had to go back in he made me promise that I wouldn't tell Jess about any of what we talked about. So I'm not allowed to go anywhere without him, he's allowed to go out whenever he wants, but that's okay.

I'm cyber schooled so I don't have like any friends anymore and it's just not fair. I get so depressed and if we break up or fight really bad he tries to kill himself. I just don't know what to do. Help me please?