So my boyfriend always seems to say things that he knows that will get to me, like really rude comments about what I do or how I look. He makes me very upset and sometimes he crosses the line and says things that SHOULDN'T be said at ALL and he makes me cry and then when I'm crying he either gets mad cause I'm crying or he makes fun or me and calls me a baby... I really don't understand I really love him but at times I feel like he doesn't love me because if he did he wouldn't do or say things to hurt me. It seems he only does this when he's stressed out or annoyed but its still not okay with me I'm getting pretty fed up with this. And also he ALWAYS lies to me. All the time. I don't think it's fair... plus if were around his friends and they are either rude to me or talking about our relationship as if there in it he won't defend me or at least tell them to leave me alone or ask them not to give there opinion because it's none of there business... ugh I feel like I'm not even important to him only his friends I don't get it... I do everything for him (we live together) I do his laundry, his food breakfast\lunch\dinner clean up his mess EVERYTHING you can think of... I feel like I'm the only one keeping us together. I know I'm not perfect and I **** up at times but I always try to say sorry and fix things, and thing with him he NEVER says sorry (expects me to forget about it) and NEVER tries to change. I guess at times I do get kind of stressed out with him but it's because I'm scared to loose him like I lost my family, and he doesn't understand that... but don't get me wrong he can also be such a nice and caring person! He really can... it just feels like if time is making him loose respect for me and making our love fade away... I do love him with all my heart and I know he's the one but I feel like he doesn't know what he wants... all my friends tell me he's not worth it and to leave him but I say "never give up on someone you once thought it was worth a try" what do you think?