My boyfriend and I will be together 3 years in the next month. Whe we first started dating it was amazing! We both had horrible relationships before we met, and even came to the conclusion "maybe we can't be in a relationship". We fell in love quickly, spent a lot of time together, had tons of things to talk about! We each have 1 kid, and was nervouse they wouldn't like each other, but again it went great... almost too good. We all live together, and there are so many good times, or were anyway. I stay home and take care of the kids, he works a lot, but never complains. Actually brags about staying later and making good money for our family. A couple months ago, he started being sore and tired a lot. He does sports and works out, but feels that his body is wearing out on him. I will massage him and help him in any way I can. Around the same time our sex life changed, he would only innitiate it late at night, he'd wake me up already to go! It was exciting for a while, but then he started turning me down when I wanted to. During the day when the kids weren't there or a spontanious "lunch break". He's even told me I'm making him uncomfortable by being assertive.

It went down hill from there, he started waking me up for sex, but just got himself "ready" went about his business then rolled over and went back to sleep? Every time I try to talk with him about it, he gets frustrated that we always have to talk about feelings! I just want to try different things! I will give him some credit, he was spontaneous a couple times and it was great!
So now it has been almost 3 months, we had sex at first maybe once every 2 weeks. Now not only has it been forever since we had sex, now we don't even talk to each other anymore. Just regular conversation " how are the kids?" " I need to pay extra on that bill", " kids got thier report cards".
I still love his as much as I did when we first fell in love, but I think he hates me. When I try to talk small talk with him, he gets a pained look on his face like he'd rather be anywhere else! I know life gets in the way, and raising kids takes away a lot. But if we don't have the small intimate things anymore, what do we have? Is he cheating? Sick of me?