My name is Clay and I am 19 I've never been on a relationship with anyone. I don't know if most of the women read that about guys, but they always take advantage of me on certain things. There was a girl I really liked and she needed help in one of her classes and I am a real busy person I don't have time to do almost anything. What I really did is help her, so that she does not fail that class from all the time she was cutting that class. After getting her to have a n -A in her class grade as finals I asked her out but she really turned me down after that she did not want to talk to me. There was another girl I just met and the first day I met her she asked me if I can lend her 5 dollars, and she kept insisting. That kind of girl looks like an easy type and very open and talkative that in the first night we met at school we were in the subway she said she was tired and laid her head down between my two laps. (JUST SO THAT IT DOESN'T SOUND OFFENSIVE) and I was like you got to be f***ing kidding me. Since she kept insisting for the money which she was rubbing up on me in a sexual way I did not want to sound like a jerk but since she was seducing me all of the time I asked her what would you do to me if I give you the 5 dollars, she then paused and was very arrogant with me and said that she is not having sex. I gave her the 5 dollars cause I did not know what to do and I was afraid of saying no. I want to take a stand for myself and stop being that sucker guy that I've always been.