I am devastated that a guy who I have been in a relationship for almost two years with and had been talking to another on the internet longer than he has known me and now he is moving to PA to be with her. We live in Alabama. He is originally from Washington and six months after we met online he jumped on a plane and flew down here and moved in with me right away. I was a stupid fool for allowing him to do that. But, we developed a very close relationship by internet and phone and he helped me through my dad's death and other problems going on in my life during this time. When he arrived he had received some back pay from a workmen's comp. settlement and bought me a lot of expensive things and spoiled me rotten to the core. Then his son moved in who is disabled and has severe emotional problems. His mom had kicked him out and his grandmother later put him on a plane and flew him here. Then after my two kids both moved back in after a year and a half he and his son moved out.

Little did I know that he had been talking to this other woman. He is not all that and has not worked since 2002 since his on the job accident which left him with a crushed ankle and double leg fracture to his left leg. He went through two more surgeries and started hanging with a doper to get pain killers. He began pulling away for months but never minded me coming around and he would come by my house a couple times a week. I just thought it was because of problems he was having with his ankle and leg and with money which he blows recklessly. Now he is trying to escape his bad friends and has this woman in love with him now. He spent two weeks Thanksgiving and is now spending the Christmas holidays and New Years with her. He is going to move in with this woman in PA at the end of January. He is taking his 18 year old son who dropped out of school at 16, does not drive, never worked in with woman who has a 14 yr. old and 19 yr old I assume live with her. He says he has been talking to her for three years and that they always loved each other but did not realize until after they met and started to miss each other.

What is the matter with him and why did he do this to me! He use to be such a wonderful person!