First off, we are both in our mid-late 20's.

We have been dating for 6 months when I caught him in a little lie this past weekend. He supposedly went out of town for work (last wed through sun). We spoke everyday he was gone. He sent me a pic of him in his hotel room- I noticed it looked like his room! When I saw him when he came back, I asked him about it, and he denied it. I decided to drop it and we continued having a nice evening. The next morning, I left for work, and he sent me his usual cute message to me when I got to work. The picture issue was still in my mind so I told him I must be crazy, but everything in the pic matches up to his room! He told I was reading too much into it, and I just told him to be honest and he said he was. It wasn't that big of a deal to me, I just wanted the truth. He then replied that he was tired of me accusing him and told me to forget about dinner the next night. He was planning to make me dinner and take me out all this week... :( I have apologized for not settling the issue while we discussed it, but I know I'm not completely at fault either. This happened on Monday. On Tuesday, I still didn't hear from him, after I told him I felt bad for how I acted, that he didn't have to ignore me, and if he didn't want to speak to me, just tell me, and if this was his way of moving on, to take care and that I will miss him a lot. Yesterday, Wednesday, I apologized for being a nuisance for nagging him, but I told him I hope we can put this behind us and move on and continue what we have. He has not responded.

I don't know what to think? Is it over? Should I move on if he can't be mature enough to talk to me? Or does he really just need his personal space? I know I nagged, and overanalyzed, so maybe I deserve to ignored..

I even spoke to a friend old enough to be my dad, a man who I know has been a player, had his fair share of women, trust me. When I told him that about this, the first thing he said was that my boyfriend needed space and didn't know how to tell me since men are "stupid." He told me to give my boyfriend space, to let him cool down, and contact me, which he will do eventually.

I don't understand. We were so compatible up until this point. I know this might be just a bump in the road and I'm willing to let the issue go, but I'm so hurt. He treats me so well, so affectionate, sweet, loving and complimentary. He never lets me pay for anything, we talk everyday, and we see each other everyweek. He made me smile and laugh so much. Our sex life was incredible too. I really felt like he could be the one. I don't understand why he might be throwing me away like this... I'm so hurt. I'm a little optimistic and will give him his space. Everyone just says to give him his space, even men, so I hope that will do the trick to get us through this bump in the road.. I can't believe how sad I am...