I have been married three times. The first was when I was 22yrs old, young, thought I knew what I wanted, but the day of the wedding I cried. I was separated within six months and divorce final within 1.5 yrs. Sad part - he was always cheating on me and I took physical and mental abuse. I thought he would change, but he wasn't going to. My second marriage, he was an addict. We had a baby after being married two years and accused me of cheating on him. Clue - accusing me - he is the one cheating, which he was, with the people that were addicts like him. We were married ten years, and a total of 20 years of knowing each other. The last marriage, I was fine going into the marriage, it was great, then my job was eliminated, I had several back surgeries, and could not do what I did before. I was put on permanent disability and have been on it for 2.5 years. BUT... we were married 2.5 weeks after my last back fusion. He cheated on me.
I then dated a male for 1.5 yrs, he left too. He lied to me constantly and did not like to work. He just up and left one day and did not call for over a week.
I consider myself a very loving, caring person. I grew up following the Golden Rule and knew that I wanted to be married to the same person and grow old together. These men have all told me that I am a wonderful wife/girlfriend, I take care of them by doing the housework, cooking, etc, but they did not have an answer except they just did not love me anymore. I was taken advantage of financially and emotionally by all of them. I always greeted them with a smile and asked how their day was at work. I was not lazy nor did I ignore any of them. I only had bad days with my back and had to rest, but I tried not to let it interfere with the relationship. The back issues started when I was pregnant, went away, and then came back in my third marriage.
I give my love willingly, I take care of my man in all ways, but yet I am always being left for someone younger - a new adventure for them I suppose.
What am I doing wrong? I have morals, a little old fashion, but still love to have fun and adventure in my relationship. What is going on with me? Can someone offer advice as to what I can do besides pick better men, which I thought I did after the first and second one.