Do people know what love really is? When you speak the words to another "I Love You". Is it sincere?? I don't know how it feels to be truly loved by someone. I would not know what the feeling is like. I have attempted to exude love to others, but when you have expectations of having that same love given back to you ten fold, when that does not happen, you become disappointed.

At this point, I am disappointed. Disappointed in myself, disappointed in life, and disappointed in love. I am in a deep depressive state at this point in my life.

I have gone to counseling, many times. I have sought the refuge of the chruch. I have prayed constantly. I believe the reason that I am at this point in my life, is because of the decietful, and unrighteous life I have lead thus far. Being in this hellish torment daily of not liking myself, not being loved unconditionally, not being a successful person, are all my own fault.

You create your own destiny, I know this. I know what I put out into the world, is what you get back in some way, shape , or form. Karma! This is my Karma. I have attempted to make changes, and to my own disappoint, I have failed at that too.

What should I do?