Okay. So my dad married my stepmom when I was 5 years old. She was only 18 and 3 months pregnant with my brother. They had my little brother in August. Things were great at first. But I always noticed a difference between me and my brother. When I was 10, my little sister was born. My stepmom would leave me alone with her. While she went other places. She would take the house phone and I had no way of contacting anyone if anything ever happened. When I was 11, I moved in with my dad. I loved my brother and sister and I wanted to be close to them. She would make me do everything. She would leave me to watch the kids, at odd hours of the night. My dad worked out of town, so he was never home. When I got in the 7th grade, she bought alcohol for me and my friends. The guy I had a crush on lived across the street and he was always over my house. One night she bought a lot of beer. I was the only one that didn't drink anything. My dad came home to find my stepmom in the bed with a 14 year old boy(MY CRUSH). We went to court over it and my dad won custody of the kids. My stepmom hated me. She told my baby brother who was just in the 1st grade that everything was my fault. I ended up changing schools because of this. I had to go to summer school. It was horrible. Once I got in the 8th grade, my dad started dating again. He was happy. But he ended up getting back together with my stepmom shortly after. My stepmom never got me to school on time. I was always late or she just never took me. I wasn't happy. I stayed because of the kids. I knew that my stepmom was still cheating on my dad. Im not stupid. She was still leaving me with the kids on school nights. I would have to stay up all night. I didn't know what to do. We moved closer to our school in Feb of my freshman year. My dad went to Kansas for 3 weeks for school. During that time, me and my stepmom did not get alone. I wasn't allowed to sleep in my room. I had to sleep on the couch. She broke my cross necklace my mom gave me. She ripped it off my neck. I was going crazy. Things really didn't change. When I turned 16, my dad bought me a 2007 Sonata. It was very nice. But when I moved back in with my mom last october(2008). My stepmom got my car. The day I left my dads(Oct 3, 2008) she also left him. October 5, 2009 my dad's mom passed away. I felt horrible for leaving. My dad went to work in Nebraska in Dec(08). I tried calling my stepmom to see the kids. She never would answer. I was falling apart. I finally went to see them. And she acted like she was my best friend. When my dad came home in Feb(09). Things were still the same. She was still cheating on him. And I knew it. I told him several times that she was. He never listened to me. I went months without seeing my stepmom. I finally drove out there this summer(june 09). She was pregnant. Two weeks later, I became a big sister all over again. Im 17 years older than her. Although I was mad because my dad never told me. I fell in love with this beautiful baby. She was born July 3, 2009. I love her. And I don't even know if she is my sister or not. My dad went back to Nebraska at the end of July and he came back a few weeks ago. I saw the kids once the entire time. I was suppose to stay at my dads labor day weekend. I drove out there, and it was really late. My stepmom knew I was coming. I got there but she was gone. I sat in my driveway for over an hour calling her and crying. She never answered. When I went to see my dad for the first time since he had gotten home. She saw me and said she was leaving. She wouldn't let me hold the baby. She was really hateful. My dad gets on to me if I ever say anything about her. And if I post something on Facebook, she thinks its about her. Im 17 years old. And this lady has been in my life since I was 6 weeks old. All I wanted from her was to accept me. But she never will. This has torn me and my dad apart. My little brother and sister won't talk to me. And my baby sister will never even know me. I know that I have made mistakes in my life. But why is my stepmom doing this to me?