I know this girl for many years and we only got together three months ago. Damn I telling you it was a great feeling to be around her. Recently her parents told her to cut all ties with me all of a sudden after approving our relationship days earlier, I felt so heartbroken. I wanted to continue this relationship with her but she on the other hand don't. Anyway, she still tells me that she loves me and knowing the fact that I can't be with her and knowing that she still loves me, I am so depressed she worries a lot of not being able to communicate with me next year because her parents are taking her phone due to exams in the year. I just want her back in my life. Recently I asked her if she still loves me and she replied that she is not in the proper state of mind to answer.. what should I do?. we have done many things together except for sex. We were like on seventh heaven till all of this happened.. I need help guys.. please tell me what to do.. thnx a lot!