I have been dating a girl that I absolutely love for 2 years.Everything was great until about 9 months ago.She started to be busy and I knew it was because of school and work.So things got better and we spent more time and then issues arose with intimacy.We would be intimate and she just didn't feel the same.She then tells me about a month ago.That she has been unhappy and sad for awhile because she has been trying to see a future with me but cant.She has said that with her ex's she never say a future with them.It was her first serious relationship.She then tells me she is afraid that she cannot give me what I want and it hurts her too because she loves me. She then says she wants to take it slow and then friends to build up.Because "every good relationship needs a good friendship".So she seems to get annoyed when I talk about us and where we are going.But when I don't and I don't call her , she is all friendly and peachy.Using endearing terms.I think bring it up again and she feels like we are just running around in circles.She then says "she really needs to try and figure out things for herself".And that she feels like I am pushing her to break up with me.When she said that is not what she wants.And if it does not work out she will break up and tell me.She also said she is not trying to around with me or toy with me.Also that the last thing she wants to do is hurt me.We still do arrange time to hang out and see each other 1-2 times a month.She says she doesn't know what she wants and says"I thought we agreed we were going to give this time".I am so confused as to what to do.She still keeps our relationship status up on Facebook.So I am not sure what to do.Apart of me wants to leave but I have never loved anyone this much.And some of my friends say she is wasting your time and waiting to buy time.Yet others are saying just give it time.I don't know why she is doing this and I wish I knew so I can be optimistic that it will work out,or I prepare to move on.What should I do