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    Aug 30, 2018, 01:20 PM
    What do you think will happen when I see my ex after a long time?
    Well, a year ago I met this guy who just rocked my world, I could swear that he is THE ONE. I fell instantly. We met in my country, he was visiting one of his friends who happens to be my best friend. They both study in the same uni abroad. But he is foreign, his home country is not here. Anyway, we kissed, it was epic, I think we both felt the undenyable attraction. 3 months later while we were talking online, flirting but not quite, I went in england where they study and I stayed at his house for a week. He wanted to take it slow and not just have sex from the first night, he was sweet, he was everything I wanted and I believed that after a long time a found him. However we didn't clarify before I left if we where going to try this impossible long distance relationship. When I returned he didn't text me so I did, yet I found him kind of cold. Then I popped the question about what are we going to do and he didn't want to try it. Yet he thought about it a lot. But he thought that would be for the best. I cried a lot but I had to swallow it. 3 months later I couldn't stand the pain so I just texted him that confession about how I missed him and how I feel etc but he still didn't want a relationship. And I totally get him. However, I heard and I saw that he really really liked me. I haven't talked to him eversince. This year I am going to england again to stay to my bestie this time who happens to live in the same house with him. And I am thinking will this undenyable chemistry pop in again? Will I be able to resist if he makes a move? Will he make a move? We ended this in good terms, and truth to be told we both couldn't stay away from each other when we were together, we were the perfect couple. Tell me what do you think (info: he is really shy, doesn't open up to anyone, he is a good guy I think, we indeed matched,a realist)
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    Aug 30, 2018, 02:13 PM
    "Will I be able to resist if he makes a move? Will he make a move? Lets see. You ask an international forum to help you answer this question? Answers could be NO/NO, NO/YES, YES/YES, YES/NO.
    He wanted to take it slow and not just have sex from the first date-WOW, Chivalry and common sense exists even if 1 person.
    One of you seems mature, the other a bit impulsive for a "uni" person.

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    Aug 30, 2018, 03:46 PM
    It's a crap shoot what would happen. What does your bestie who lives in the same house think?

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