I have lived with my boyfriend for over a year and 2 months after we lived together, he stopped being affectionate. I get a morning peck on the mouth and hug when he leaves for work but there is no affection initiated on his part. He thinks I am hot looking and calls me sexy all the time but that's where it ends. I have discussed with him numerous times of what I expect and want but it doesn't seem to matter. I treat him like a king, i.e.. get up at 4:30 every morning and make his breakfast and pack his lunch and make wonderful dinners for him every night. I am at my wits end as I love him and when I come onto him he laughs at my gestures and I am about ready to move out. I am a very amourous woman who adores attention and touching but with this guy, it's impossible. He says he loves me and when I tell him that if he did, then show it. Am I nuts for sticking around. He would be devastated if I left him.