So, me and my ex had taken little breaks before, but we always said we would be committed to each other regardless. However, we broke up for 6 months, but during this time we did everything a couple did,so it was like we were still in a relationship&he assured me he was committed to me, and that he couldn't be in a relationship at the time, because of things in his life.I found out I may have an std, so I told him&he confessed to cheating on me a little while back. I moved and we began to have problems,and he said we had lost the spark&his flesh led him into temptation, and that he is sorry he didn't tell me, and he feels miserable about the deceit, and he still loves me and wants us to have something,but it will take a lot of work. I still love him, I know we were "splitup,"but he said we were committed, its not that he cheated, it's that he lied, if he hadn't told me that he was committed to me,then I wouldn't be upset, because I stayed committed to him. How do I know if he is sincere, if he really made a mistake,and regrets it, or if he just came clean because of the std, which I am unsure of, because I haven't been to the doctor.I had noticed that he wasn't looking me into my eye lately, and had a wall built up, now I wonder is that why? Is that why he couldn't be in a relationship with me, because of guilt, or is he just ashamed because of the std, because technically he didn't get caught he confessed.I feel like he can't face me right now,but I want answers.. I don't understand how you can do that to someone you love, but the way he is 24, and I am 23.I lost my virginity to him at 21.