What do cheaters deserve? I mean first-class cheaters who cheat on you emotionally in a long term relationship.when your relationship ends you realize that they have been cheating on you several months before the break up.during those months they kiss you,they say they love you and miss you while they are thinking for someone else.they let you make big plans (life plans)they take your gifts without hesitation.they take your love .then they start preparing the break up scenario.it consists in trying to catch you on a simple mistake and start a fatal argument.they try to end the relationship in their favour in order not to be guilty.so after they have cheated on you,and in the end they try to blame you for the reason things were going wrong.double mistake for them.finally they end the relationship in a phone call and when you are away from them.this is what happened to me after 3 years with that girl.but I wasn't so stupid to take the responsibilities of the break up.with putting some pressure on her she told me the real motives.after saying me the truth she still tried to protect herself saying "couldnt you realize that i was not the same person lately" .this is unfair at all. I would have buried this kind of people alive if I had that power.I ve always hated cheaters and one of them was so near me. So should they pass it so easy? I don't want to show immaturity with this question but that's what she left me, anger.dont say me to move on.thats what I'm doing.honestly-i don't want her back.