I'm 21 almost 22, and my boyfriends 23. My boyfriend and I been together for 4 years now. Of course like many other couples, we have our ups and downs. I have a horrible trust issue and he feels unconformable if he tells me things, like hanging out with friends. He never cheated on me but on our 2 years of going together, we broke up, because of arguments. Our issues are not healthy at all. but were working on it. I've been living with him for about 1 1/2 years. the first year was tough but we got through it. I move from Delaware to 1 hour north in PA to live with him. People told him that we should be thinking about marriage by now, since we've been together for 4 years. People told him if you are not thinking of marring her, than you shouldn't be with her, she's obviously not the one for you. After arguing to him, about some petty issues, he started to think about that statement, which started to scare me. but it could be all from anger. He told me that hes not even thinking about marriage right now, not even the thought comes across his mind. Is he worth my time?? Do you think its normal for couples be dating for about 4 years not engaged?? Do you think thats true?? what do you think. :confused: