I am telling you about my friend, Please read it carefully.

My friend is getting married to a boy next month. He is very rich but very egoistic. She was engaged a month back and since then she realizes that the guy she is engaged to is not a correct choice. My friend is very joyful in nature and opposite is her fiancée.
The family is very good. On the other hand she also likes a guy who is her friend but wants to get married to her. I feel that though she says she loves him I feel that she is only running away from her fiancée. Moreover she belongs to a eastern culture where marriges is a blend of family more than the girl and the boy. She spoke to her parents about this but no one ready to break the engagement and get her married to her friend from either side. What shall she do.
1) leave her friend and marry the one to whom she has got engaged?
2) marry the one she loves, opposing everyone.
3) marry none?

In the second case the parents will be hurted badly.

Please suggest!!