I had a date with a couple friends last night, one of them is possibly going through a divorce and the other hasn't had a relationship for a think a year, and if pretty wound up. The latter person and I ended up sleeping over at the former's house and were in the same twin bed together trying to somehow accomplish sleep. Needless to say, we started to touch each other, just simple spooning really, and he was really hesitant at first. Then I took his arm and put it around me so that he could hold me. Later we were nuzzling a bit he took my hand and put in on his crotch, I am not sure if the penis was out or not, but I felt something... I took my hand away and a couple seconds later he took my hand again and put it on his crotch, now this time I didn't feel anything, but could tell me was aroused... Anyway, my question is, is that a piggish thing to do to assume that I would touch him like that? I have had this happen before when guys will take my hand and put it on their crotch trying to get me to do something... It seems like a bizarre way to get me to do that... I mean why not just ask nicely or do something like four play first? Why is that considered to be okay behavior to do? I would never take a guys hand and put it down my pants, I would probably ask or see how his respond it to other types of touching first and even then I would ask... In the morning he dropped me off at my house and hugged me, which was nice... He was also very polite and attentive to me all night, teased me a lot, but that's just his personality... Anyway, am I thinking about this too much?