• My ex, who when we were together, couldnt keep him off me sexually, he loved my body, adored me etc.
    He had to move away for college, but it was only meant to be for year so we kept it going. We sexted a lot at first and then this led to sending pics, mostly boob and pics, no face or anything, he loved it.
    Umm, so one day he asked me for a pic, and i kept saying no for weeks. And then one day, i got extremely drunk and sent it. He then dumped me, calling it ugly and repulsive and cowlike, and that he had to run to the toilet to puke. ummm, what? When we were together for real he genuinley adored my body, had no problem putting it in there. he then also shared my pics with his friends who also agreed with him and started calling me similar things.
    He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but this is beyond me, the hatred for no reason, is it really that ugly?! please help pleasee