Hi. I'm 51 years old and I believe my mother has been lying to me about who my real father is all of my life. I believe she had an affair and I am the result of it. I look nothing like my siblings. I have Irish characteristics like my mother, but also Native American characteristics (like no one in my family). When my grandmother first saw me when I was a baby, she told everyone that I must be the oil man's daughter (big native american man) who used to deliver oil to our house, because I looked like a "little Indian baby" (like no one in my family). You see, all of my life, my mother always asked every delivery man (mail, oil, etc.) and school bus driver in for 'coffee'. Anyway, she is 84 now. I have asked her in every way possible, both subtle and bluntly, about this. She just changes the subject and/or looks away. Any advice on how to get this out of her before she passes away?