Hello Helpdesk people, its been a while. Ive been MIa busy moving into my new place and dealing with school and job stuff but I've finally found some time to party, but it came with a price.
But its been like 7-8 months since my ex broke up with me. You guys know the story. She's long gone with her new boyfriend. Ive moved on but can only think that I've been cursed. Anyway since then I've seen/met about 3-4 girls. None of which lasted long. They are all different kinds of girls. Since people have told me maybe you should stop trying to date "supermodels" that they are not the right girls for me. So I expanded my horizon.

Girl number 1 I met was a young italian girl, very pretty, (considers herself an italian princess type) we saw each other for about 3 weeks. I asked her to be my girlfriend and see where it goes, she accepts then the next day sends me a text that she wants to go back to the way things were. Then completely blows me off 3-4 times and then tells me "we arent looking for the same thing". She really showed her age and immaturity. She's 21. When I didn't want commitment they did, now that I offered commitment it backfired. We don't talk now. Its funny she called herself classy yet was seeing 4-5 different guys openly after I confronted her. I told her I wanted nothing to do with her. Removed her from my phone and recently from Facebook. She even had the nerve to text me "ouch you removed me from friends on facebook?"

Girl 2 I met at my party that I threw at my loft that I just recently moved into. It was a bit weird how she came about. One of my ex's from 5 years ago came to the party. She got really drunk and started yelling at random girls on the street and invited them up. This girl came up with her friends. Tall cute girl with a horrible sense of fashion. I talked with her the whole night she was there till she left at 5:30am when the party ended. We exchanged a few kisses and numbers. We make plans for the weekend but then I could hear that she starts to become hesitant on the phone. Suddenly telling me I wouldn't be interested in her. She finally breaks the ice and tells me she has a 10 month old. I say that's fine and tell her I'm not looking for a relationship, even if we become friends that's cool. Because I just moved here and really don't have a lot of friends in the city, they all live in the burbs. We make 2-3 more plans over the course of a week or so. She calls me makes the plan and then calls back later, cancelling on me. Haven't heard from her since. Im not too worried because I know that she does have a child and I don't want to be involved with someone with kids again. Even if it was just sexual I'm sure that emotions will get tangled into the equation.

Girl 3 I met at a random party I heard about while walking through the neighborhood. Cute shorty hipster type with dreads. Very artsy. Just moved to the neighborhood a month ago. We conversed for a few hours and hit it off, danced. She asked me to walk her to her work down the street because she felt some guy was stalking her. We held hands, which I found a little odd, but liked the warm feeling overcoming me. We exchanged a few kisses and she calls me so that I would have her number... once again. I invite her out to my neighbors party the following Saturday to hang out. I call her and leave her a message but I never hear from her the whole night, no texts no calls, nothing... so once again blown off by yet another girl. Oh here's the kicker, she lives a block away, so unless something really bad happened to her, shell eventually see me and probably feel awkward. I don't know, I wouldn't feel comfortable in that situation. I would have at least called and said I won't make it, short and simple no explanation.
SO why do women wonder why there are no more nice guys. I don't seem to care anymore, because ill always find another girl, like the Brooke burke look a like I met at a fest in our neighborhood, or the gorgeous bartender who told me to take my shirt off and threw ice down my shirt. Funny that she flirted with me but when I flirted back she pretended like I wasn't there... only to start flirting with me again after I ignored her.

Anyway so these stories have happened to me in the past 2 months. I don't know why these encounters only last for such a small amount of time. Do you think I'm cursed for people to keep standing me up blowing me off or ditching me? Im a very good looking guy with a underwear model body and figure and a very charming and open personality... why the hell does this happen to me? I feel like I'm cursed!!