Hello all!

I'm new here, but I read some of the posts, and you all seem to have some sound advice. Here's my story:

My ex-boyfriend and I met about two months ago, and we immediately clicked. We spent the weekend after our first date together going to parties, meeting his friends, and hanging out with his family. We both agreed with each other's spiritual beliefs and *honestly* never had any disagreements. By the second week we were together, he started spending the night every night. I'd never done this with a boyfriend before, and I knew we were moving fast, but everything felt so natural. It seemed like we'd known each other for years. In the coming weeks, we'd spend more time around mine and his friends, and both sides agreed that we were great for each other... At one point, we were talking about our relationship, and he said that he had certain things that he looked for in a girl, and I had all those qualities. Plus, he would constantly make comments about how he couldn't wait for me to see his parent's house at Christmas, and that "we" were doing well because his job was really taking off. For all intents and purposes, I thought things were going great!

On my end, I tried my best to be a supportive girlfriend. I didn't gripe when he went to a strip club with his buddies... he made it clear that he wasn't thrilled about the outing, but he was going because his friend (who was moving away) really wanted to... I didn't complain when he had to work late. I truly enjoyed playing the "domestic goddess" by cooking dinner and washing his clothes. I fit in well with his friends, and even tolerated his carting me around all over the place from one social function to another (which really surprised him). At some point in there, however, I summer ended, and I started teaching again and my schedule and routine changed. In addition, I had a second job to help me get out of debt faster. Suddenly, I had lesson plans to write on the weekends, and I was exhausted after a day's work. We started seeing less of each other, even on the weekends because we both seemed to have separate plans, but still I thought things were going okay.

Then last weekend, he went to his 10-year high school reunion. The next day he said that he had been asked to house sit for his step-brother, and that we wouldn't be coming over. On Monday, he came over and we cooked dinner together and had a nice night. We sat down and he showed me some things he'd been working on at work, and we ended up going to bed and having a nice little roll in the sack. The next morning, I got ready for work, made his coffee as usual, and headed out the door. Didn't see him again until Friday. He DID call and text me throughout the week asking how my day was and wishing me good night and stuff. On Thursday, I asked him when he was coming back to see me because I missed him. He said that his step-brother wouldn't be back until Monday, but he'd come over on Friday and we'd do something. Friday he showed up and he dropped the bomb. He said that he didn't feel that spark anymore; that he knew that the longer he waited, the harder it would be to let go; and that he couldn't tell me what happened, but that it just wasn't there for him.

Needless to say, I was FLOORED... Where had this come from? My question is THIS: WHY did he leave? Was this a knee-jerk reaction to something else going on? How do I handle this? I would take him back in a heartbeat because I KNOW that this was totally out of character for him, and I had NO warning whatsoever. Even looking back, I can't see the warning signs... Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Thanks so much... I know this was LOOOOONG, but I appreciate your input.