So, about a year and a half ago I ran into this guy at a camp that I was attending. Well, afterwards we ran into each other at a restaurant, he invited me over, and ever since I've had this huge crush on him! When I'd run into him I'd want to see him but then I wouldn't want to see him. He just really made me nervous! So... we'd have run ins here and there, and every now and then if we were at the same restaurant we'd eat together. But that was about it. One day when a run in like that happened, a girl walked in, and he introduced me to her. She so happened to be from my hometown and we even knew a few of the same people and that was about it. About two months later, next you you know he gets into this relationship and it ends up being with the girl he introduced me to! It sucks sometimes because at one point he was somewhat of a friend and on top of that, I'm still a little sweet on him. How do I manage to fully let that crush go and just move on with my life without thinking about him everyday?