I have been with my boyfreind for 4yrs. I lived with him the first 3 then he kicked me out for hearing I was cheating, which I wasn't and he knows.We have been getting along very well, but every time he gets angry with me for the smallest thing (ex. Calling him more than once when he is out with his freinds) he wants to break up.He makes all the decisions with us, he takes me places has me stay the night at his house 6 out of 7 nights a week.He comes to me. I always talk him out of breaking up but I wonder if the mean things he says when he is angry are true.That he doesn't love me is never going to marry me, is embarrassed to be with me. I am a very pretty girl and I get a lot of guys wanting to be with me,but I want him. I stuck through this relationship with him after he has lied cheated, and been physically violent with me(DOES NOT DO ANYMORE). Even though he is the one to come to me, may he really be unhappy and want to leave? :'(