Ok, its abit complicated. I'm was with my ex for a very rocky five years. I deeply love him although I know it is going nowhere. We broke up previously and during this time he got a girl pregnant *Sarah. We tried again, and he broke up with my to try make it work with the *Sarah however he always came back to to try and make it work and continuous to do so. I am in University and have made a lot of friends of new friends. He didn't like this and regularly contacted me. I was with his quite recently and stead with him for the weekend. We had a great time but as he went to the shop, I looked through his messages and seen messages of Sarah saying she wanted to meet up and she still loved him. It hurt deeply and I admit I was very jealous. It hurt immensley as the said girl cause mahem in our relationship. I then asked him if he still loved me and he avoided the question and this has caused a huge argument. He kept saying it me over the weekend, in front of his family but I'm so confused now, and I wonder if it has anything to do with *Sarah. We have had an extremely rocky relationship which I will not elaborate on but I'm just enquiring does he still love me? If so why did he not say it to although this was over text message. After our arguemnt I said it didn't matter as I he treats me well but He said I was really annoying him and to stop. It's infuriating, the tables have turned. Usually it is him who is constantly bombarding me with messages etc. And know it is I. What should I do? Does he really care?