Hi this is my first time to ask a question on this would really appreciate any help!I have been with my girlfriend for just over 2 and a half years,I am her first person to ever sleep with her and there's a six year age gap between us,which has never been a problem,right up until we broke up she was always telling me how much she loved me and even hinted that I was the only guy she ever wanted to be with,as soon as she started college she said she needed time alone she said its got nothing to do with meeting other people she doesn't want to have to worry about having to ring somebody else all the time,naturally I was completely heartbroken as this came out of nuthin and I can't believe she's based what she's felt for two weeks overrule what she's felt for 2 and a half years! I feel so angry and cheated as the amount of sacrifices I made while she was trying to get into college and as soon as she gets in I get dumped,thou she says its not like that,and she's probably making the biggest mistake of her life.So I have decided to go traveling for a year and since then we have met up a few times and everything has been perfect she's told me how much she loves me,she's been al over me when we go out,she wants us to keep in contact when I go away,but that would make it so hard for me to get over here if I was in contact with her regularly,I'm inclined to say to her youv made your bed now you have to lie in it,I know its cold but that's how I feel!I genuinly believe that we should be together and I just know it will only hit her when I go and she will be heartbroken, we wer so happy together even her friend always said to her how good we were to gether,sorry for going on but would appreciate any advice,should I cut off contact and hope she comes back or stay in touch(which I sometimes think is maybe making the transition a bit easy for her!)